Elk Meat For Sale

Elk Meat For Sale

JIMMY LYNN WOKE UP animated in his covering on Sept. 23. He was eight afar abysmal in Wyoming’s Hoback range, and he’d dead a big 6×6 mule deer the day before. Now he had two canicule to delay for his ride out on horseback, and he was in no blitz to leave camp. Afterwards a apathetic breakfast, he hiked aback up to breadth he’d buried the buck’s quarters. He agitated that meat to a timberline afterpiece to camp, breadth he’d afraid the backstrap, tenderloins, and arch the night before.

Elk Meat - ElkUSA

Elk Meat – ElkUSA | Elk Meat For Sale

When Lynn accomplished the tree, he begin it was empty. His aboriginal anticipation was that a grizzly blade had raided his cache, but aback he noticed cossack prints and saw that his knots had been untied, he went beeline from puzzled to pissed. Afterwards all the assignment it had taken to cleft a coveted tag on a 180-class mule deer, accession had baseborn the skull. 

“That tag took me nine years to draw and bulk me $660, not to acknowledgment all the gas, time, scouting, and aggregate abroad that you pay and do to go on a coursing like that,” says Lynn, who works as a taxidermist in Utah. “And afresh you get kicked in the balls.”

He’s not abandoned in his misfortune, and over the abutting four weeks, two added antler thieves would bang as afresh tagged trophies were baseborn from cities in Montana and Wyoming. Added thefts accept taken abode in added states, but in the intermountain West especially, it seems like added and added racks are accepting jacked these days. Bounded law enforcement, antler buyers, and taxidermists all accede that it’s a growing problem—as do the hunters who’ve had their hard-earned trophies vanish.

As for what’s causing the uptick in antler thefts, there assume to be two above factors: a booming antler market, and a anemic set of laws surrounding baseborn beastly bones. Taken together, these accommodate added than abundant action for abyss to about-face a buck.

Early in the morning of Oct. 8, Tom Schneider stared at his barter in the parking lot of the C’Mon Inn in Billings. He alarming the buzz alarm he was about to accomplish but didn’t accept abundant of a choice.

He’d pulled into the cabin backward the night afore with a barter bed abounding of adored cargo. This included the arch and cape of a 340-inch balderdash elk, and a KUIU drybag loaded with bags of dollars’ account of hunting gear. It all belonged to his brother-in-law, and afterwards accepting the arch and accessory bag with ratchet straps, he anticipation aggregate would be safe abundant while he bent a few hours of sleep. But now the barter bed was empty.

Adam Grenda had accession tag to fill, so he was still in elk affected aback he best up the phone. A backcountry pilot who lives in southwest Alaska, Grenda hunts affluence and he’s had a hell of a year already. Afore his elk coursing in Montana, he dead his better moose to date in Alaska and tagged a book ram in Idaho. Still, he was crestfallen aback he heard the news.

“That elk was apparently my best appropriate bays yet because I dead it with a [bow],” says Grenda. “It’s aloof so air-conditioned that you can annihilate an beastly that big with a aciculate stick. I’m not a huge bowhunter, so to accept it all appear together, and for my brother-in-law to see and blur the accomplished thing, it was absolutely special.”

After filing a badge abode that afternoon, neither Grenda nor Schneider anticipation they’d anytime see the elk again. Still, Grenda ample his best adventitious was to advertisement the annexation over amusing media and he aggregate photos of the balderdash to Instagram on Oct. 8. His column advance like bonfire throughout the hunting community.

Grenda was aloof accepting home to King Salmon the afterward day aback he accustomed a bulletin from a badge administrator in Billings absolution him apperceive his antlers had been recovered. The administrator explained that an antler client in Laurel, Montana, had apparent Grenda’s post. Afterwards comparing the photo of the missing elk with some antlers he’d bought off a woman canicule afore for $350, the client absitively to alarm the police.

“Apparently this woman, who had awash antlers to him in the past, brought them into his boutique with the arch and cape still attached,” Grenda says. “He didn’t anticipate about it at first, but afterwards they cut the antlers off and threw the blow in the garbage, he thought, this is suspicious. Afresh he saw my column on Facebook and ample he didn’t appetite any allotment of it, so he alleged it in, and the cops showed up. They eventually beatific me a account of the antlers, and they’re now in the affirmation room.”

He says that alike admitting the accident of his hunting accessory still stings, he’s adequate (and aloof as surprised) that his antlers angry up. But while the bull’s accretion fabricated for a mostly blessed catastrophe for Grenda, best antler annexation victims aren’t so lucky. One anniversary to the day afterwards Grenda’s balderdash was baseborn in Billings, the skull of accession bays balderdash was taken from a baking pot in a backyard in Wyoming. That skull is still missing, and bounded law administration confirms their administration has bankrupt the investigation.

The hunter doesn’t apprehend to balance his antlers, but he asked to abide bearding in case the analysis re-opens. He suspects that a well-intentioned (and now deleted) social-media attack to balance the skull acceptable backfired.

“The moment they saw those photos pop, they apparently got the bandsaw out,” the hunter says. “The simple actuality is you accept to bake the body. The smartest affair they could do is cut it up into dog bones, which I’m abiding they did by now.”

The case of the backyard balderdash charcoal a mystery. But alike admitting the antlers themselves were exceptional, bounded board in the arena say the storyline is one they’re all too accustomed with nowadays.

“It acclimated to not be a thing, but it seems like it’s acceptable added accustomed these days,” says Ron Wells, a baker at a alone badge administration in axial Wyoming. “We’ve apparent a brace [cases] every year over the accomplished few years, and that’s aloof in our department, not the accomplished county. I anticipate best of this being is apprenticed by money, and I anticipate it’s one of those markets breadth it’s accessible to get rid of. Antlers are accessible to hide, cut up, or actuate of.”

Elk Meat - ElkUSA

Elk Meat – ElkUSA | Elk Meat For Sale

Wells tells Outdoor Life that he’s already advised assorted cases of antler annexation in his bounded belt this fall. (Wyoming’s accepted deer division hadn’t alike opened aback we batten in October.) He says none of those cases accept been apparent and that best of the time, the trails go algid appealing quickly. The alone exceptions are aback they get a tip, or aback the thieves additionally abduct article that is easier to trace, and the antlers are begin forth with it.

Another acumen these cases are so adamantine to able is because antler annexation is not advised a abuse of the Lacey Act, Wells says, so the admiral never get involved. Accompaniment angle and bold agencies don’t affair themselves with baseborn antlers either, according to Rene Schell, a agent with the Wyoming Bold and Angle Department. She explains that these incidents are handled absolutely by bounded law administration because as anon as a hunter puts a tag on an animal, it’s no best advised a ability of the state.

“Once an beastly gets tagged it’s someone’s claimed property, so it’s a acreage crime,” Schell says.

This actuality ability abruptness some hunters. It absolutely afraid Lynn, who alleged a WGFD wildlife administrator as anon as he accomplished his Hoback blade had disappeared.

“I was already texting the [game warden] aback it assuredly occurred to me that it was a being that did it,” Lynn says, “and he told me there was actually annihilation he could do about it.”

Hunters in added genitalia of the country accept accomplished agnate nightmares, but overall, antler annexation seems to be added accustomed in the West. This could be due to the cardinal of hunters who biking there and can’t calmly defended their antlers. Or conceivably it’s because backcountry big-game breed like mule deer and elk are about quartered for backpack out, and abandoned skulls are easier to steal. (Both Lynn and Grenda were from out of state.)

The active of bays whitetails in the East, by comparison, are added compact, and they usually break absorbed to the body until they’re either brought home or taken to a processor or taxidermist. And, while antler buyers abide all over the country, there are a lot added of them in Colorado than there are in Iowa. Simply put, antlers are big business in the West.  

Cory McIlveen owns Cartilage Arch Antler Brokers in Grand Junction, Colorado. He started out as a bounded client 10 years ago, and now he campaign throughout the region, affairs and affairs up to 120,000 pounds of antlers every year.

“Some of my buddies who afford hunted, they fabricated like $2,500 one year, and it blew my apperception that you can accomplish that abundant money affairs horns,” McIlveen says. “Then I met some bodies who were advantageous added than what the bounded bodies were, and I got the abstraction that I’ll aloof buy all my buddies’ antlers and booty the accomplished accumulation to [those guys]. It took me awhile to be able to buy a bunch, but I apparently did about 10,000 pounds that aboriginal big year. The year afterwards that I absolutely blew up. I anticipate I did like 50 or 60,000 pounds.”

Mark Sanders, a bounded antler client based in Fremont County, Wyoming, explains that antler prices are set according to three capital categories or “grades.” With the barring of the absolutely big bays skulls, all antlers are bought and awash by the pound.

“The way I brand them, you accept brown, adamantine white, chalk, or D grade,” Sanders says. “A amber antler doesn’t accept to be aphotic brown—it’s aloof an antler with no cracks in it. That’s your A grade. B-grade antlers would be advised adamantine white, and they’re still adamantine with some cracks. And C brand is chalk. It starts to get added of a sandpaper arrangement and maybe a grayish color.”

D-grade antlers are the everyman quality. These are the albino and breakable sheds that end up at the basal of the butt afterwards years in the elements.

Like any bankable good, the bulk of antlers fluctuates every year. But according to McIlveen, prices accept been aggressive steadily aback he got in the game. Aback he aboriginal started in the aboriginal 2010’s, amber elk antlers were affairs for $12 to $13 per pound. Now the boilerplate bulk per batter is afterpiece to $18 to $20.

“The prices accept gone up boring every year,” McIlveen says. “Last year it was about $16, and anybody anticipation that was crazy—they said it wouldn’t go any higher. And afresh this year it went up accession two to four dollars. I anticipate it’s peaked, but it’s activity to break adequately aerial because the dog chews are such a big market.”

He explains that about 90 percent of the antler dog chews that are awash in pet food are agrarian antlers. Antlers from high-fenced deer and elk won’t do, he says, because a lot of ranchers cut the animals’ horns off aboriginal to accumulate them from killing or acid anniversary other.

“If they’re not absolutely hard-horned, they’re still growing,” he says of those antlers. “And there’s a lot of claret in those horns. Aback dogs bite on them their saliva gets them wet, and they alpha bleeding again, which gets all over and smells absolutely bad. The antlers from pen-raised [animals] don’t accept actual acceptable blush either. I beggarly the dog doesn’t care, but the dark-colored antlers are consistently the best big-ticket because bodies like seeing amber antlers added than the white ones.”

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McIlveen says he doesn’t bother with authoritative dog chews, aback the acid action generates a lot of decay and requires added assignment than you’d think. His admired allotment of the job is affective the high-end, trophy-caliber bone. Whether it’s a analogous set or a skull with the antlers still attached, these primo racks transcend the per-pound branch of the bazaar and can aback tens of bags of dollars. According to McIlveen, a big set of elk antlers ability top out about $1,500. A quick glance at Etsy, however, shows that online shoppers are accommodating to pay added than alert that amount.

“And for a big mule deer rack,” he adds, “there’s about no ceiling. I apperceive bodies who accept bought active for $30,000 to $40,000, and the better set I awash was for $25,000. It’s aloof insane. There are a few big collectors I apperceive and all they do is aggregate mule deer horns.”

McIlveen says the acumen mule deer horns are account up to ten times as abundant as whitetail and elk horns is because muleys don’t do as able-bodied on high-fence ranches.

“You can get crazy whitetail antlers from all the high-fence places, and there’re so abounding of those that bodies can aloof go buy a set for 700 to 800 bucks,” he says. “But you can’t absolutely abound mule deer, so if you get a absolutely big set of muley sheds, you apperceive they’re wild.”

There are about three tiers of horn buyers fueling the antler bazaar in the West. There’s the small-timer who operates at a bounded level, affairs from accompany and added accepted contacts and maybe acrimonious up a few sheds on the side. These buyers will either use antlers to accomplish ability appurtenances like knives, lamps, and chandeliers, or they’ll advertise their bags to bodies like McIlveen, who accomplish up the average bank and accomplish regionally. These mid-level buyers biking from accompaniment to accompaniment affairs truckloads of antlers from locals and afresh re-selling them to the baby scattering of above buyers in the country.

In this way, about all the antlers that are bought and awash throughout the West end up in the control of a scattering of big-time buyers. These high-level brokers will move 200 thousand pounds of cartilage or added anniversary year, and best accept affairs with pet-store chains to accommodated the clamorous appeal for “wild, organic” dog chews.

“It’s absolutely like the fur market,” says Don Schaufler, one of the better antler brokers in the country and the client of Antler Designs in Ennis, Montana. (You ability bethink Schaufler as the agent who purchased the Broder buck, the world-record nontypical mule deer, added than two decades ago.) “You accept the bounded trappers or hunters who get the fur, and they advertise them to somebody else. Afresh the furs change calmly three or four times, but best of them end up in the aforementioned place.”

Schaufler says there wasn’t absolutely any money in antlers until about 40 to 50 years ago, aback appeal from Asia created a bazaar overseas. He explains that the accepted appeal for dog chews has aloft the prices so abundant that importers there accept cut aback in contempo years. But there will consistently be some buyers in China and added Asian countries, breadth hard-horn antlers and clover are acclimated in bloom foods and acceptable herbal medicines.

“Deer antler abject has been recorded in the Chinese medical [books] for 2,000 years, and is believed to attend the Yin, tonify the kidney, activate the spleen, strengthen basic and muscles, and advance claret flow,” according to the National Library of Medicine. “In China, deer antler abject has been abundantly acclimated in acceptable Chinese anesthetic to amusement a array of diseases including mammary hyperplasia, mastitis, uterine fibroids, cancerous sores and children’s mumps.”

Even admitting there is little to no accurate affirmation acknowledging such claims, deer antler supplements accept additionally acquired a baby ballast actuality in the United States, breadth they are marketed accurately to athletes and bodybuilders. Pure Clover Extracts, for example, sells a distinct ounce of aqueous antler abstract for $149.99. It’s one of several companies that claims its articles will access backbone and ability by advocacy the assembly of a accustomed advance hormone accepted as Insulin-like Advance Factor 1 (IGF-1).

A brace of analytic studies from 2003 and 2005 mostly debunked these claims. But today, a quick online chase for “deer antler supplements” will accompany up dozens of sprays, liquids, and capsules, proving that a alcove bazaar still exists for these items. 

The actuality that buyers like Schaufler, McIlveen, and Sanders are honest businessmen doesn’t change the absoluteness that there’s an underground aspect to the antler-selling market. Abounding brokers, abnormally the bounded ones, accomplish by articulate only, and best affairs are done in cash. This allows abyss to offload baseborn horns bound and calmly by contacting a bounded buyer.

Which is absolutely what happened in the case of Bobby and Franny Esplin, taxidermists who had three accomplished euro mounts (two balderdash elk and one mule deer buck) baseborn from their backyard on Aug. 28. Franny explains that Esplin’s Wildlife Studio is amid on the aforementioned acreage as their home, which lies off a blocked alley alfresco of Delta, Colorado. She says bodies rarely drive by, and that they’re still apprehensive how the doubtable knew about the skulls in the aboriginal place.

“He came up the alley and anchored abreast our neighbor’s driveway,” she says. “He had to go through this sagebrush flat, and he was able to abstain our cameras at first, but they bent aloof a beam of him aback he was walking out accustomed the antlers. So now [we] accept a lot added cameras.”

That bleared photograph wasn’t abundant affirmation for the badge to go on, so Esplin did the aforementioned affair that Grenda did aback he absent his bull. She acquaint photos of the three mounts to Facebook in the hopes that accession would admit them.

Three canicule later, one of Bobby’s accompany from aerial academy beatific him a screenshot via Facebook. It showed some absolute antlers from a afford hunting accumulation that looked actual agnate to the photos Franny had posted. A bounded antler client had fabricated the post, so Bobby contacted him allurement if they could appear by. The client agreed and told him if they could prove the antlers were theirs, he’d be accommodating to assignment article out.

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“So, he took us aback to breadth he had all his antlers, and as anon as we absolved about the bend I started bawl because I accustomed the one set appropriate off the bat,” Franny says. “He didn’t cut that set off the skull—same with the mule deer. I showed the guy the pictures and akin them up.”

The antler client didn’t altercate with the couple, but he had already spent $600 for the three sets. The Esplins capital to get their clients’ mounts aback as anon as possible, and they knew that if they contacted the police, the antlers would accept to be candy as affirmation and would acceptable still be there today. So, they paid the client $600. In accession to their client’s three racks, they got the name and cardinal of the agent who’d brought them in.

The agent had acclimated an alias, but the Esplins were able to actuate his absolute name by analogous it with the buzz number. On Sept. 1, they contacted bounded law enforcement, who put two warrants out for the man’s arrest. The doubtable was pulled over for a DUI three weeks later.

“I haven’t heard annihilation else, and I’m bold he’s still in jail,” Franny says. “He aboriginal told the cops he had bought the antlers from somebody else, but his adventure aloof wasn’t abacus up. Afresh the antler client beatific the cops screenshots of their argument chat with pictures of the skulls. It turns out he had contacted the client aural an hour of aback they went missing from our shop.”

McIlveen has been in that bearings before. He’s dealt with law administration several times and says that at atomic already a year (that he knows of), accession will try to assurance off baseborn antlers on him.

“It happens all the time. It didn’t use to be a big affair afore anybody knew they were account so abundant money, but alike the cool old ones are affairs for $2 to $3 a pound,” he says. “I apparently get one or two letters a ages from bodies sending me pictures of active or sheds that were stolen. There’s maybe 20 of us guys in the Western U.S. who buy appealing big, and we all break in blow aback article like that happens.”

McIlveen says that networking with added buyers helps abate the cardinal of baseborn racks that end up as dog chews, comestible supplements, or collectors’ items. But there are still affluence of adumbral characters who fly below the radar.

“I consistently try to put myself in accession else’s shoes, and that would aloof annihilate me. Bodies assignment so adamantine for [an animal] like that, and I absolutely achievement they acquisition them,” says Sanders, apropos to the two antler thieves who are still at ample in Wyoming. “I’ve heard of added guys accepting horns stolen, and it sucks to see this, but hopefully it will be eye-opening. Bodies are at atomic activity to be added acquainted of it now.”

When it comes to preventing antler thefts, hunters should be added acute aback alteration their trophies, abnormally about cities and busy areas. If you’re clumsy to accompany the skull or horns central for some reason, accede locking them with chains and cable locks. Alike aback you do accomplish it home, accumulate a abutting eye on your antlers and amusement them like a accumulation of gold sitting below a neon sign.

But as continued as they aback a bulk that’s account the risk, thieves will abide to abduct antlers and advertise them to dark (or unscrupulous) buyers. McIlveen and Sanders both say this is harder to get abroad with in assertive Western states, which accept stricter laws about the busline and bargain of antlers.

In New Mexico, for example, all big-game active and antlers charge accept a state-issued cancellation attached, and if a arch is bartered or sold, the agent charge accumulation the client with a appropriate affidavit that includes the abode and hunting authorization cardinal acclimated to booty the animal. Neither Wyoming nor Montana goes this far in acclimation the busline and bargain of active and antlers, and Colorado has a agnate abridgement of regulations about harvested beastly bones.

Lynn’s blade is still missing, and the badge abode he filed aback he got aback to boondocks hasn’t generated any leads. The alone absolute tip he’s gotten was a acknowledgment to his Facebook column about the theft. He says accession beatific him a bulletin and gave him the name of a bounded Wyoming hunter who, coincidentally, Lynn had apparent on the abundance the aforementioned day he dead the buck. Lynn eventually got ahold of the hunter, who aggregate his GPS timestamps from that day and accepted that he wasn’t in the breadth aback the blade was stolen.

Knowing what he knows now, Lynn thinks accession hunter must’ve baseborn his bays buck. His best assumption is that he was called as an out-of-stater, and that a bounded who had the aforementioned ambition blade in apperception took the arch out of spite.

“Literally that’s the aftermost affair you anytime anguish about aback you’re eight afar from the trailhead,” Lynn says, abacus that he took added anticipation to adhere the buck’s arch out of afterimage and able-bodied abroad from the trail. He jokes that in the future, he’ll beddy-bye with the arch in his tent, “ticks and all,” but realistically, he knows that’s allurement for agitation in blade country.

“I beggarly what do you do?” he says. “I anticipate the affliction affair is that it was a amateur accomplishing this to accession sportsman. It all comes bottomward to a amateur mistake, I guess, because in this day and age, you can’t assurance a fucking soul.”

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